Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Got A Job, I Got A Job, I Got A Job, Hey Hey Hey Hey!

I have been doing a happy dance for the past 5 hours! It all happened in a matter of 3 hours too. I got a call from a friend of a family member who was looking to fill a position at her company. I went in to meet with her at 4:30 and was offered and accepted the job at 5:15. I actually start tomorrow. How cool is it to start a new job on a Friday!? One day of work and then two days off..Woo-hoo! Not to mention that I am thrilled that this job will not involve the changing of poopy diapers or wiping of snot like the other option I thought I was going to have to take. I am so excited. I will be Executive Assistant to the owner of a Property Management Company and I will also serve as the Executive Assistant to her husband who owns a CPA Firm. This is such an amazing opportunity and will be an invaluable learning experience for me. I am thrilled!!!! Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, and one more...Woo-hoo!


  1. Wow! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Lins, it's SO great to read about people turning their lives around.

    First you realized there were some things missing in your life that you needed to regain.
    Then you returned to creatively expressing yourself (through photography for example).
    Then you got the news that you're cancer-free.
    Then you land a job.

    This was a beautiful thing to wake up to. I love it when good things happen to good people. Please let us know how the first day went, I'm sure you plan to anyway. :)


  2. Aaaawww congratz! I hope it all works out:) Remember to be patient with your bosses... I've been assistant to CEOs and such and I'm TERRIBLE at it! I need an assistant to remind ME of appointments. It's a tough job and I wish you the absolute best. Great opportunity!

  3. WOOHOO!!! That's awesome! I'm very very hapy for you!!

  4. Thanks ya'll! Today went very well. It's a big job and I am feeling slightly intimidated but I know that once I get into a rhythm it'll come more naturally! What an amazing week...good news from my doctor and a job. I couldn't ask for more!

  5. Hey just came across your blog. Very cute! Congratulations on the job, girl! That is awesome, especially during these hard economic times. I had a friend who got a job as an executive assistant at a law firm a while ago and now, two years later, she's already moved her way up to a much cooler job that pays much more. So, this is something that will definitely move you up the ladder. :)

  6. I was surfing through the blogs and I read: I GOT A JOB! YES; CONGRATULATION I'm HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  7. I need an assistant to remind ME of appointments. It's a tough job and I wish you the absolute best. Great opportunity!
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