Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bitch Session #1

I finally managed to find the USB cord that I need for my camera. It was a real bargain at $3.99. What bugs is that the shipping is twice as much! Oh well, I've searched high and low and this is the best deal that I could find.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with how Subway makes their sandwiches? I bitch about this all time. I can sum up my grievance in just one sentence..."The TOPpings are called TOPpings because they belong on the TOP of the sandwich!" I miss the divot they used to cut into the bread. It was perfect, everything stayed where it was supposed to and the bread didn't get all soggy. They need to bring that back.

To drivers in Texas, if you need to pull over then pull the road! I have never in my life lived in a place where people just park in the middle of the road. I see it all the time out here. Even on the highways...there's a shoulder for a reason, people.

Why is it that when you go to a fast food drive thru and ask for ketchup they hand you a whopping two packets? I always ask for more and they give me a disgruntled look like I'm asking for their first born. I actually got into an altercation with the staff at a Wendy's a few years ago. I asked for A LOT of ketchup (I got meals for 4 people). The guy handed me 3 packets so I nicely asked for more. He handed me 1 me that was just rude. So I again asked for more and he just shrugged at I said "In what world is four tiny packets of ketchup enough for four large orders of fries?" At this point, the manager sauntered up to the window and asked me what the problem was. I nicely explained that I needed enough ketchup for four meals and that four packets just wasn't going to cut it. Her snarky remark was "Exactly how many packets would you like?" My reply, "Eleven". She then explained that they didn't have eleven packets left at the window, so I told her she ought to carry herself up front and get some more. She handed me 2 more packets and told me to be on my way. At this point, I was furious...I could've just driven off and stewed about it, bitched about it and then gotten over it, but that's not quite my I parked the car, walked inside and dumped the entire bin of ketchup packets into the to-go bag. The next time I visited this particular Wendy's, the ketchup was hidden behind the counter. It's nice to know that I've left a small dent in the world :o)


  1. Love this post. I'm not a big fan of Subway cuz yeah there sandwhiches are always soggy and the place always smells like cleaning fluid. Don't feel bad in New Jersey everyone who tries to pull into the parking spaces on the side of the road decides to not use their turning signal...unfortunately these lousy drivers are everywhere.

    You totally deserve a gold start for the ketchup. Thats awesome!! The chinese restaurants do that up here, where they give like 2 things of Duck sauce when you ask for alot of duck sauce...go figure ya know? hehe.

    Hope you have a nice weekend! =)

  2. Everywhere is just getting stingier and stingier with their sauces. I know we're in a Recession, but it's a bit ridiculous! And don't think I won't pull the ketchup thing again...every time I pull up to a drive thru I catch myself thinking "come on drive thru guy, just be a jerk for no reason, I dare ya!" :o)

  3. LMAO about the ketchup, this was such a great story to start my day! I love someone with attitude who won't allow themselves to be taken advantage of, especially women (I hope that doesn't sound sexist, it's certainly not meant to).

    You might appreciate this story Lins. A friend of my wife and I was out driving and noticed some kid just drop a banana peel on the sidewalk, RIGHT next to a garbage bin. The conversation went:
    "Excuse me, you missed the garbage bin."
    "The garbage bin. You missed it."
    "No I didn't."
    "Um, yeah, you did."
    "Well if it's such a big deal to you then YOU pick it up."

    Now, this chick is a firecracker and I love it! So she picks up the banana peel, hops in her car and follows this punk home. Walks up to his front door with banana peel in hand, and when the brat's mother opens the door she says,
    "Your son told me to pick this up, so here you go."
    She gets back in her car and drives off, leaving the mother standing there speechless. Owned! :)


    PS: Your profile piqued my curiosity. What treacherous waters are you wading in?

  4. That sounds like something I would do. I am typically very laid back and mellow, but I have my buttons and if the right ones are pushed, all bets are off!

    In short, it has been a trying year complete with the attempted suicide of a close family member, suicide of a family friend, cervical cancer (it was caught early but still required surgery, will find out next week if I'm cancer free), unemployment, medical bills, a few other medical issues and having to deal with a roommate straight from HELL (he's gone now, thank God!). As soon as one crisis came to an end, it seemed like another one would pop up. The treacherous waters are me trying to maintain my sanity.

  5. Lins,

    I'm sorry to hear that, it's a hell of a lot to deal with! I hope you'll let us know what your results are (please?)

    I haven't read much about you yet but from what I've seen you seem to have a certain fire within you. I hope you're able to use that to fight through these challenges.

    At the risk of blowing too much sunshine your way, you mentioned that when one crisis ended another began. Perhaps you can take at least a little comfort in the fact that everything isn't all happening at the same time? I know that's what helped us get through.

    I find it interesting that you're returning to your arts to help you cope. When I recovered from my car accident I found I had a tremendous need to express myself creatively, through my writing and my music. Much more than before.

    Your year sounds a bit like what my wife (Sandy) and I have gone through in the past year...

    -I had a serious car accident last April
    -two floods in our basement
    -my father had a heart attack and subsequent quadruple by-pass
    -Sandy's mom passed away
    -I lost two friends (one through death)
    -Sandy broke her ankle and had other health issues
    -they found two lumps in her breast (turned out to be fine)

    As for family, my family life has been full of drama over the years(boy, is that an understatement!) so I hope you don't feel too alone in that area.

    Finally, most people don't like unsolicited advice, so I'll present this as an observation. (lol) I think one of the best things you can do for yourself is what you're doing right now, writing about it and talking it through on your blog.

    There are always people willing to listen.


  6. I feel you Subway may be healthy food wise but their store is filled with germs all through the store.
    It's Crazy that you speak on fast food restaurants. You would think that with the way the economy is you think that people would appreciate their job but they don't. They are full of attitude like they don't want to be their. That's crazy!!!! I really enjoyed this post. I'm ready for the next one.

  7. I would have to say my biggest bitch about fastfood resturaunts would have to be soda. If I request Coke, the order taker should say: " We have Pepsi is that OK?" Because they are not the same thing!!!!