Sunday, September 13, 2009

Experimenting with Saturation and Contrast


  1. Lins,

    Photography is an art, but more than that it's as much an expression of yourself as any words you could think to put on paper. I understand how you could feel a bit vulnerable posting these photos.

    I think they turned out great. Most importantly they're a celebration of someone returning to their passion and regaining a part of themselves that perhaps has been lost along the way (yes I read the rest of your blog). :)

    That may be a more profound answer than you were expecting, but it's the way I see this. With what life has thrown at you I think you have a lot to be proud of.


  2. I like the wine bottle pic. Very impressionistic. =)

  3. Thanks guys! Barry, your words of wisdom and encouragement are always uplifting!

  4. Thanks Lin, big smile from me! :)

    Isn't this great, that we can all share some of ourselves and vignettes of our lives with each other?

    You remind me of a friend I had last year (funny enough she was blonde too. lol) She had also been through a lot, and although it was tough on her she showed a lot of strength through it all.
    Anyway I don't know that you want to focus on all that, so back to the pics.

    I love the way you manipulate your photos. They don't always work for me, but art is very subjective and it's certainly no reflection on your talent. The saturation lends a tremendous vibrancy and intensity to your still life work. I think your artistic side is most evident when capturing some of (what many would consider) more mundane subjects. In life there is art all around us if we take time to notice. You obviously feel that.

    Gotta say though that my fave is the photo just below your profile (I'm very passionate about orchids).

    Keep up the great work Lins, it's tremendously inspiring to see people following what calls them.


    PS: I just remembered a line I wrote a few months ago..

    "Through the photographer we see not what catches their eye, but what captures their heart."