Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting On a Budget...and a few old poems

I found an old set of oil paints and brushes today. With my budget for art supplies standing at $0 I made due. The paints were in fair condition considering that they've been boxed away for nearly 6 years. The brushes, on the other hand, were rock hard. Let's just say that I might as well have been finger painting. My other challenge, the fact that I don't have a single blank canvas. Instead, I used the card stock that I've been using to print resumes on. Of three paintings, one is actually good enough for me to feel comfortable sharing. It's still drying out but I hope to upload it tomorrow.

Let me also add that I cannot draw to save my life which means that painting does not come naturally either. I'm an abstract amateur artist at best. Photography and poetry are more my mediums.

Here are a few poems from my collection to end this post. Again, they are all untitled:

Roses blossom
From the trodden
Dirt path
In the center
They bloom
Brilliant red
Cavernous black

Just one more moment
I'm still lost
In the maze of
Your eyes

I stumble along
In the blinding darkness
The deafening silence
To my place of peace
Your arms

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