Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Few Old Poems

Here are some old poems that I came across while rummaging through storage yesterday. They're all Untitled:

Wilderness of crazy hair
Entraps an oval face
Guided by a faulty light

That shines to another place
Walks alone in cold despair

Through dark & treacherous night

Breathes in and out the poisoned air
As she reaches for the light


Calling you
In fits of

Another chance


Then I knew if
The truth would


You sleep
And I hate you

I rise with the sun
Can't sleep til dark again
Makes me feel empty
I need the sun
The breeze
The smell of day
You need the moon
The stars
The mystery of night
How can it work?
Day and Night
Cannot be together
They have but mere moments
In common


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